River cruises in Europe become more and more popular each year and it's easy to see why! There are wonderful regions which simply can't be accessed from traditional cruise ships and not everyone wants a motor coach tour. Over the years, these vessels have evolved to offer accommodations very much like those of large 'cruise ships', in addition to the obvious of the itinerary attraction. On a river cruise, you'll enjoy excellent cuisine (usually with wine included), a small number of fellow cruisers, and most shore excursions are included. In short, river cruises offer a quality experience to fantastic destinations in a style of which we're sure you'll enjoy!

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However, Europe is not the only River Cruise destination!  River Cruises are also offered in Russia, Egypt, China, Southeast Asia, and here in the United States!  Regardless of the area, you'll find River Cruises a great way to explore interesting destinations.

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