Julie Chaump, Independent Advisor for Strong Travel Services Client Services Agreement & Payment

  • This page will allow you to submit your valid credit card information securely to Travel Vacations. IT DOES NOT GENERATE APPROVAL CODES
  • Once your form has been received, your travel advisor will post your payment with the respective travel supplier.
  • A confirmation will be sent to you once your payment has been posted.
  • Credit Cards submissions will be received and processed within normal office hours. Our office hours are Monday- Friday , 9:00am - 5:00pm CST
  • Please advise us of any errors, corrections, and/or changes prior to posting payment otherwise change penalties may rest with passenger(s).
  • Your names must match EXACTLY as they appear on your valid driver's license and/or passport.
  • International Travelers: Do not post payment if you have not verified that you have at least 1 year validity left on your passport from return date of travel.
  • Cancellation penalties will apply after payment has been posted up to 100% penalty with some suppliers.
  • If you have insurance already included in the package price, please select yes below.
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    I agree to Travel Vacations Terms and Conditions AND confirm that these names match EXACTLY the full name(s) as listed in each passport including middle name(s) or initial(s), or as listed on government-issued ID for passengers traveling within the USA. Any discrepancy may result in cancellation, change fees, new and higher airfares or denial of services. In the event that these names do not match the passport names, please contact us immediately. I accept these terms and conditions on behalf of ALL TRAVELERS on this reservation traveling with me  
    I have been advised of cancellation penalties for this trip  

Travel Insurance Waiver : YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERED TRAVEL INSURANCE THROUGH ALLIANZ. We believe that your upcoming trip is a significant investment which you should cover. For this reason, we strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance. We recommend at a minimum Allianz Classic for Virtuoso comprehensive travel insurance. If you choose to decline this valuable coverage, you are assuming any financial loss associated with your travel arrangements. To learn more or purchase directly Visit ALLIANZ

  YES, I choose to purchase travel insurance NO, I decline to purchase travel insurance  
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  After your trip is paid in full, travel documents will be issued. Almost all travel documents will be sent via email. However, some suppliers only issue paper documents and those will need to be shipped to you via USPS. Please confirm your complete mailing address.  
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